This page contains cases of European arrest warrants, which have been handled by our office.
The summaries of the decisions are presented in Greek.

Supreme Court 319/2021 (rejection of European Investigation Order from Poland)

The Supreme Court annulled the Athens Appeals Council's judgment rejecting our objections to a European Investigation Order (EIO) from Poland. The EIO concerned a defendant's plea in a case of grievous bodily harm 23 years ago, which was converted into attempted murder one month before the 20-year limitation period expired. The Supreme Court ruled that the Polish authorities should have sent the entire case file translated into Greek.
It should be noted that the Prosecutor of the Supreme Court had proposed that 6 of the 8 grounds of revision, which concerned a number of violations of articles of the ECHR, be accepted.
After referring the case to the Athens Appeals Council, the latter rejected Poland's EIO.


This page contains the main issues that our office deals with in applications before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).
Our presentation regards the domains where we've applied more than once before the ECHR.